What is the future of high school education in Boston?

The High School Redesign project is an initiative to craft a future vision for Boston public high schools, in which every student graduates prepared for college, career, and life. #HSReD

The Mayor’s Office of Education and Boston Public Schools are leading this project but we need your help. We want students, parents, educators, business leaders, and residents in the Boston community to join the conversations that will drive program, practice, policy, and system changes needed to create Boston’s future high schools. We invite you to participate in an upcoming​ HSReD Design Sprint at Madison Park ​High School. ​


Social media is a superb way to follow the conversation around the High School Redesign Boston work. Use and follow the #HSReD hashtag and encourage others to do so too. This will help create public conversations with business leaders, officials, students, teachers, parents, community members, education visionaries, alumni about how we can bring the future of Boston Public Schools to life.

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